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Harry Potter Studio Tour.
Saturday, 1 March 2014 16:09 6 Comment(s)

In January I got to visit the Harry Potter studio tour thanks to my best friend Lisa who bought my ticket as a birthday present! I am such a huge fan of the Harry Potter book and movies, so this was such a great present! This means I also got to tick one thing off my 14 in 2014!

The experience exceeded my expectations! I knew it was good but oh my, it was SO good! I got to go with Lisa and my really good friend from uni, Kirsty! I was also on crutches as I had dislocated my knee a few days before from skating hence the bit fat bandage on my leg.

I won't post too many photos as I don't want to spoil anything! I was amazed at how big the place was and all the things you could do, LIKE RIDE A BROOM! It was so much fun and you got to see props/costumes from the movies, also some of the set and how things were filmed. It blew my mind. I did Media Production at University and it really made me wish I was involved in the filming industry, alas I have neither any experience or money to be able to afford to pay my way through unpaid work experience with companies.

I would recommend bringing quite a bit of money as the choice of souvenirs is huge! I really wanted a Gryffindor top and a wand but they were way out of my price range as they costed over £20 each so I just bought the photo of me riding the broom and a chocolate frog for Joey, which tastes like advent calendar chocolate but that doesn't surprise me! You also got a Wizard/Witch card with the chocolate frog and we got Helga Hufflepuff! I really wanted Dumbledore but I guess he's one of the really rare ones! Also it's definitely worth trying the Butterbeer and if you can afford it, also get the Butterbeer Stein glass! It's so cool and a great souvenir!

I had such a great time with the girls and really cannot wait to come back again with Joey!

While I was in London, I organised to meet up with my other good friend from Uni, Pete! We all went for Nando's, which brought back memories of uni as I would drag anyone there at any given opportunity! Hah. It was great catching up over food and a few drinks at the Porterhouse in Covent Garden which has the biggest beer menu I have ever seen! I went for the fruity beers and my favourite was the Mango beer. Yum!!

After two fun filled days in London full of catch ups, good company and good food, Lisa and I made our way to Lincoln for a short visit but of course we had to stop by Platform 9 and 3/4 while we were at Kings Cross station! Really touristy but I loved it!

I had such a great time and it was definitely worth the money and travelling!