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Defend the Palace!
Thursday, 13 February 2014 15:53 1 Comment(s)

Oh my. I can honestly say I have never seen a game of live roller derby like I did last Saturday. I am still in awe at the amazing footwork and epic blocking that I saw.

I have been re-playing the bout in my head and analysing all the footwork and how I would put it into practice for when I am back on skates as I am determined to skate at the crazy level that the London Rollergirls skate at. I knew they were really good, but watching a bout on a crappy live stream is nothing compared to a live bout and I am so glad I went to watch it as it has made me even more determined to up my game when I get back! Watch out Dorset ;)

I am really excited to try out a few things that I saw at the bout especially after watching intensely, a lot of things just clicked! Especially with the blocking, as I was just in awe at how well they stayed on the Jammer and were almost invincible, this was mostly down to the footwork and communication! I always try my best to communicate but I haven’t really put into practice all the footwork drills that our coach has made us do and I feel guilty and stupid for not doing it as now I see how effective and important it is!

I know our coach teaches us things for a reason but I think when you aren’t completely sure why or how it will be effective, it can seem boring but after that bout it really opened my eyes and the derby bug is reviving itself within me. I put it down to also being injured and being off skates, it does show you how important it is to look after yourself and to STOP when you know something isn’t right instead of carrying on and making the problem worse which is what I did and not only did it mean I was off skates for a few weeks, I also had to give my place up in an upcoming bout which deeply upset me and I was kicking myself so hard for it.

Injury is almost inevitable in sport and I was lucky enough to get support from not only my team mates but also a fellow injured skater and blogger, Florence The Machine, she has not only listened to me ramble on but also offered advice which has helped me a lot especially making sure I don’t rush back before I am 100% healed as I could face worse injuries. She also has an “Injury Series” that she write about in her blog and reading it has opened up my eyes to other sides of roller derby that I’ve neglected such as benching which I have been doing when it comes to scrimming during sessions and not only has it made me forget about my injury but it has also helped me learn the rules a lot better and still feel the excitement of the game. It is worth reading and keeping up to date with her progress even if you aren’t injured as she has written a lot of valuable things to keep in mind I case you do get injured in the future. Flo, I hope you get better really soon and hopefully see you on the track one day J


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