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Roses and Clementines Bun Crown
Tuesday, 7 January 2014 06:04 1 Comment(s)

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I like to do reviews of items purchased from local UK businesses as I want to help promote them as much as I can & show everyone that these products made in the UK are so much better than similar factory made products. I also want to brush up on my writing skills and have been lucky enough to be chosen to do product reviews for Rock N Roller Derby.

Anyway, I will be reviewing the Roses and Clementines bun crown. I purchased the Florence bun crown at a bargain price in their sale!

I had been looking high and low for bun crowns with no success as they were either from abroad (it worked out postage and possible customs would cost more than the actual item!) or they just weren't as nice as I wanted them to be.

Thank you, Instagram, for answering my prayers! I quickly looked on the Roses and Clementines website as I saw they had a sale on and fell in love with their bun crowns! I was gutted that my original purchase was out of stock but I'm really happy with the Florence bun crown!
Not only are the colours gorgeous, it is very well made! You can tell that they put a lot of care into making the bun crown as it feels very secure which made me wear it more confidently as I was worried that the flowers might get loose after a couple of wears or that it wouldn't sit well on my hair. I also like the ribbon that you use to tighten the crown around your bun!

I love the different size flowers and how it just adds that little extra to my bun without looking OTT!

I hate having to wear my hair back in a bun but when my schedule gets so busy, I don't always have time to style my hair so have no choice but to wear it up. I am so self conscious of my forehead as it looks huge to me but with a lovely hair accessory to draw attention away from my forehead, it has given me the confidence to put my hair in a bun more often and not feel embarrassed as I do get complimemted at how lovely my hair looks and I've only worn it twice so far!

I cannot wait to order again when I get paid! I have my eyes on the smaller bun crowns they uploaded on Instagram so I can wear them more to work.

Beckie xoxo

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