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Rock N Roller Derby
Wednesday, 15 January 2014 08:46 1 Comment(s)

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all fab! Today is turning out to be a good day, minus the rain of course!
I hit just over 100 followers on twitter, now just to get my bloglovin' to 100 followers! Thank you for your continued support on blog forums, twitter and instagram! This blog just hit it's 1 month birthday and despite it being so new, I have had great support from so many people! I am so grateful and cannot wait to see what 2014 hold for me.. I have super exciting news to announce soon but I have to wait until all the final details have been sorted but it'll be really good for this blog!

I am just writing a quick post more for the roller derby people of the world! I was lucky enough to have been approached by Em Balmer of Rock N Roller Derby at the end of 2012 to be her product reviewer! Of course I said yes and it has helped me so much with my writing and knowledge of products relevant to my sport.

 It's been a pretty fun year in the derby world for Dorset Roller Girls and I have been lucky especially during bouts to test out some of the products from wheels for certain floors to 187 Killer Pro knee pads and a HardNutz helmet! Most of which I now own thanks to Em Balmer. She is very good to work with and is very good to me. Not only is she hard working, she is always happy to help with anything and she never gives up despite the world throwing every possible thing her way.

Feel free to contact her or myself for help or information on products featured on her website! If you want to read my reviews, they are here. There isn't a lot at the moment but it will grow bigger as the year goes on! My review on the Radar Diamonds will be up later this evening after it has been proof read!


Edit: My Radar Diamond review is up on the Rock N Roller Derby website. Click here to read!

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