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Budget cooking!
Tuesday, 14 January 2014 03:57 1 Comment(s)

I love cooking but sadly cannot cook all the lovely things I'd love to cook due to living on such a tight budget every month. I literally scrape the barrell when it comes to buying food. I'm not embarrassed having to buy supermarket own brands, it's really cheap and more or less has what more expensive brands have in terms of ingredients. Plus, it's all I can afford! My budget for food and toiletries is £50 maximum and sometimes I only have about £30 on a really tough month.

I am going to show you my favourite budget dish to cook. Lamb stew! This meal is not only one of the best home comfort food, it is so easy to make, makes enough for about 5 meals and is pretty good for you too! 
Asda Smart Price Lamb: £3
Mixed Peppers: £1
Babycorn: £1
Celery: 80p
Carrots: £1 (I used about 5 carrots and have a lot left!)
Bag of onions: £1 (I used two onions and you have the rest for other meals!)
Oxo cubes: £1.19
Aunt Bessie's Original Gravy granules: £1 (to thicken up the stew!)

Total cost: £9.99. If you're calculating precisely on how much of the ingredients you use, it works out about roughly £7 as I didn't use all the onions, carrots, oxo cubes or gravy granules!
This batch made 5 meals in total so it works out £1.40 a dish and these are very generous portions too which is why I love making this and it is so satisfying!

Right, firstly fill the kettle and let it boil then chop the onions.

 Then I sweat them for a bit before adding the lamb (just brown the meat!)! DO NOT fully cook the lamb or it will be tough!

I got my lovely flatmate Vikki to peel the carrots for me while I made sure I didn't burn the onions or lamb. Once the meat has been browned, add quite a lot of water! Enough to cover all the ingredients as it will reduce down!

 When the carrots were peeled, I chopped the carrots followed by the red peppers (the green would be too bitter for this dish) and celery!

Look at the colours! All these different flavours really makes this dish super tasty!

Dump everything into the pan and add about 2 oxo cubes! Put it on a medium heat for about 30 minutes then a low heat for the final 30 minutes!

I had to put them into two different pans in the end as I couldn't fit them in one... After the hour is up, add the gravy granules bit by bit and stir to thicken it! I like mine fairly thick so added a fair bit of the granules to it! Then presto! Serve it up and enjoy! So so easy to make and it doesn't put a huge dent in your wallet!

You could also make carrot mash if you wanted with the spare carrots or you could even have yorkshire pudding with it too! 

If you have any budget friendly meals to share, please leave a comment :)
Beckie xoxo

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