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14 things for 2014
Friday, 3 January 2014 13:24 6 Comment(s)

I have decided to join the lovely Pixee at The Glambulance on her 14 Things for 2014, which isn't about New Years Resolutions but more of a "bucket list" to accomplish in 2014.

I make resolutions every year and end up forgetting about them after a month so have instead decided to just jot down 14, hopefully achievable, plans!

1. Blog often and with "good" content.- I used to blog a lot when I lived in Asia and my love for blogging started to die when I moved to the UK. I will admit, my posts weren't always the nicest of posts and I upset a lot of people and I still to this day feel guilty about it. I went through the whole "I don't care what you think about me" phase but not in a good way. My posts were basically rants about people that weren't so discreet and I'd often end up in "blog wars" and people would also write nasty things about me in the chat box. I vow never to let that happen again.

2. Buy a decent camera.- I want to invest in a really good compact camera to be able to take decent photos for my blog as I'll hopefully be helping to promote local businesses by buying from them and writing little reviews for them and want to take good photos of my purchases!

3. Get to know local bloggers and businesses.- I stumbled across a lovely little blogger/independent shop community that I am really envious of, as not only do these ladies have wonderful blogs/shops but they also support each other which is something I hope one day to have. Even if it's not with them, but with other local bloggers that I can end up being friends with as I have moved around a lot since moving to the UK 9 years ago and my only true friends (apart from my lovely team mates at Dorset Roller Girls) are based in Lincoln so yes, it does get quite lonely for me and I'd love to travel around the country more too!
(The bloggers/shops I'm talking about are: Megan from Briar Rose, Stephanie from Stephanie Dreams, Sophie from Crown and Glory, Rebecca from The Cinnamon Slipper, Kat from Rock n Roll Bride and so many more!)

4. Get rid of my debt.- I will admit that I am absolutely crap with money and I have been in debt since University. I have paid off 70% of it and just have the final £600 left to pay off, while I am proud for getting rid of most of it, I am ashamed that I even went so deep into the red. It all came down to buying clothes, going out drinking and eating out. I have improved with my spending though I do occasionally splash out and feel no end of guilt. So by the end of the year, I plan to be debt free and saving up for mine and Joey's future home.

5. Get fitter and stronger.- I did very well last year with losing weight but slacked towards the end of the year and put back 3kgs which makes a lot of difference to my figure. I have come to terms with the fact that I will never be skinny so I will just concentrate on getting fitter and stronger so I can be better at playing roller derby as I noticed a lot of difference when I was doing a lot of core exercises.

6. Learn to be better at communicating.- I am rubbish at communication whether it's texting, Whatsapp or email, I just get so forgetful and end up not replying to people and not contacting them for weeks on end. I feel like the worst person for it as my best friends have fallen victim to my forgetfulness but they always send me a text more or less every other day to remind me that they love me despite me being rubbish at replying. My best friends, Lisa and Jade, have been my rock for years and I would do anything for them as they would for me. I am eternally grateful for such wonderful girls in my life.

 7. Pass my driving test.- I am so close to passing and let a stupid mistake fail me the first time. Even though I'm not feeling so confident with my second test coming up, I will do my best and WILL pass this year!

8. Visit the Harry Potter studio tour.- Even though the date is already set for this, it has been on my bucket list for so long and I had to include this in here! I am such a huge fan and I couldn't believe it when Lisa bought my ticket for my birthday! Hurry up 28th January!

9. Visit my friends more.- I haven't seen my best friends for some time now and I vow to visit them a lot more this year, I feel like I have been neglecting them! Even though they constantly reassure me that I haven't and they understand the difficulty of me visiting often due to my lack of money and a long distance relationship to maintain. First time I will see them again this year is at the end of the month and I cannot wait because I miss my best girls!

10. Save up and go on a holiday abroad.- Hopefully after paying off my debt, I can start saving up not just for our own place but  to go on our first holiday which will hopefully be back home to Brunei (and Thailand) to show Joey where I grew up, the culture and THE FOOD! The food back home is DIVINE and I have been craving it for years! From Laksa to Kolo Mee to Roti Kosong...oh gosh, the list will just keep going on and on!

11. To get over my fear of needles so I can donate blood.- Need I say more? I am such a huge wimp and cry so much when I see a needle but I am determined to get over it so I can donate blood to help try and save someone's life.

12.Tell my parents I love them more often.- I love my parents more than anything but my forgetfulness means they have also been neglected and I feel guilty every time they text me. I don't forget about them, I think of them everyday so I have no idea why I hardly text them! So I am going to try my hardest to tell them I love them or even just text them more often to let them know that they are always on my mind and I love them beyond words.

13. Have more "Me" time.- A selfish one, but I need more "me" time. All I seem to do is work, skate or travel. I'm not complaining but it does get tiring when I work 15 days on the trot working late then early the next day, it does kill me as I tend to only have a few hours sleep before I have to be up for work then by the time I get home I collapse on my bed and fall asleep til Joey finishes work so I can video chat then go to sleep again. I hardly get time to just relax in the evening with my house mates watching tv or catching up or just relaxing on my bed and reading a book. Hopefully things will start to get into a routine more this year so I can start to enjoy work more and not dread skating at 9pm on a Wednesday as I am so stressed and tired from work! I even had horrible sore patches appearing on my face from being so stressed! No more of that this year!

14. Last but not least, move to North Wales.- While a few people have been frowning upon my decision to pack up (majority have been nothing but supportive though!) and move at some point this year to start building my life with Joey, I feel like it's the right thing to do for myself. I have no regrets moving away from Lincoln to Bournemouth as I have grown into a much better person and left a horrible relationship behind. I also met my team mates at Dorset Roller Girls who will always hold a special place in my heart as they have helped me through so much during my time here in Bournemouth. However, I feel like it's time for me to move onto more exciting and bigger things in my life and as sad as I will be to leave Bournemouth, I am so excited for what the future holds for me in North Wales!

So here's my 14 things I hope to achieve this year. I think they are pretty realistic and achievable, but only time will tell!


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