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Instagram finds.
Monday, 16 December 2013 16:43 0 Comment(s)

Recently, for some reason or another, I seemed to have stumbled upon a lot of UK based independant shops on Instagram, (mostly jewellery and hair accessories!). Not only are these people so talented, their items are made to such a high standard and the prices are so affordable! A lot of them also do custom pieces on request!!
I am so jealous at how talented they are especially as it is something I would like to do for as a job! Unfortunately I have neither the talent, resources or money to be able to pursue something like these people have!
I will list down my top 5 shops and my two favourite items from each one! 
(If you click the company name or product name, it will take you direct to the website or product!).

Crown and Glory.

They provide amazing hair accessories ranging from floral/glitter-tastic headbands to crowns to fascinators! All so reasonably priced and they also did a collaboration with RockNRoll Bride! I look at this website daily, looking at every single thing and constantly day dream of wearing them with outfits! I have so many things on my wishlist! 

I also won their Instagram competition and currently awaiting my shiny purple package! It's a glitter mystery box worth over £50! I was so over the moon when I won and I am so excited to see what lovely things they have chosen to send me!!

I am so in love with this RockNRoll Bride for Crown and Glory piece! I am definitely going to invest in this soon before it's all gone!

(They also do it in Gunmetal)
Again, I am so in love with this! I love the colour and glitter! I have also seen it modelled on someone and it looks so amazing! Really really want! It would be perfect for New Years Eve parties!

Sugar and Vice.

Another great find! Their jewellery is made mainly from acrylic and my gosh, do they make some beautiful jewellery! I am a huge fan of their necklaces as they are such good quality, super affordable and I haven't seen some of the designs in any shops before! They also do earrings, bracelets and rings! If you are after some custom designed necklace, these are the people to go to!


I am currently keeping my fingers and toes crossed to win their Instagram competition to win this bad boy (which is also number #1 out of 100! That's how limited they are!).
It has a lot of my favourite things in it: it's diamond-shaped, colourful, bright and glittery! What's not to love?!

My boyfriend suprised me with the Radiant Crystals necklace when he came to visit! I loved it so much and was over the moon with his generous gesture as this was the very first S&V piece I fell in love with! Also, I am not used to being spoilt rotten <3

Janine Basil

If you like bright statement hair pieces, this is the girl for you! She doesn't hold back on the super bold colour with all the glitter! I came across her through her collaboration with Sugar and Vice! Definitely got my eye on a few things! She doesn't only do headbands, she also does really adorable shoe clips!

(Also available in pastel colours!)
Rainbows, glitter and bows. Always a winner!!

Janine Basil teamed up with Sugar and Vice to create some lovely gemstone headbands and clips! Such a great combination!

Just as the name suggest! Cheap and cheerful lovely pieces! I especially like her rings. One other thing that I really like is the finishing touches to her packages! She does a wax seal and it puts such a nice personal touch to the packaging! 

I love the colour and sparkle to this ring! Especially the name! It looks just like the night sky with sparkling stars. Definitely on my list of things to buy SOON! I love it so much!!
(Available soon!)
Look how pretty this is! I love the colour combination of the cream skull, coral rose and gold chain!

Drown Soda Jewellery.

Drown Soda is the best place for custom name necklaces as they are lovingly made, so pretty and very very affordable, which is what I like as you know that you can splash out and not feel like your bank account has been bled dry! 

So kawaii! Definitely would like this with my name on and it's in my favourite colour too!

SPARKLY UNICORN HORN! I could never pull this off but it doesn't mean I don't love it!

There you go! My top five shops and my favourite items! Please support these local businesses as they are amazing and their work is worth so much more than the factory made high street jewellery/headpieces!

Beckie xoxo

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