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December purchases.
Monday, 30 December 2013 13:40 1 Comment(s)

2013 is almost over and I am so excited for what 2014 has in store for me!

I get to end 2013 with my lovely man and it's my first New Years Eve off in years! It's not going to be a wild night out, just a few drinks at the pub with Joey and friends.

I'm also hoping my Crown and Glory Elbie crown in pale gold arrives on time! I managed to grab the crown for a bargain from Not On The High Street and I would have been nuts to not have bought it especially as I've been lusting over it for so long. I actually just got an email saying that my order is on it's way to me!
I really hope the crown suits me as I have fallen in love with it especially after seeing it on the stunning Megan from Briar Rose. If it does suit me, I'll be saving up to get it in Petrol! However, I'd probably buy the Limited Edition Liberace bunny ears first before they stop making it!

I also bought two more Crown and Glory hairbands but this time for a good cause to raise money for charity, FMA UK Lincoln. I bidded on Not A Lotta Rosie and Lotta Rosie headbands and won them! 

I nabbed the charity  mission statement from their facebook:

Fibrosupport-Lincoln Mission Statement.
The aim of the group is to provide support, information and advice for Fibromyalgia sufferers, their family and friends. The group is a non profit making organisation and shall be primarily a means of bringing sufferes together to share experiences, research and treatment and by so doing learn more about the illness and how to cope with day to day life.
The group will promote the idea of self help so that all members can help themselves and others in the group.
The group works with the national Fibromyalgia Association u.k and to help raise awareness of the condition within the medical profession and the general public.
The group will organise regular meetings and some events, with guest speakers attending the monthly meetings. In addition to this several fundraising events will also be held.
Charity Number -
If you have a penny to spare, please donate and support your local charities as you'll not only be helping save lives but you might need their help one day...

I treated myself to a custom Little Dipper and Big Dipper constellation necklace from an Etsy stored called RazoredRocks. Funnily enough, I came across her via Instagram after she liked a few of my photos so I had a nosey at her profile and fell in love with her star sign constellation necklaces. 
I contacted her asking if she would be able to do a custom piece with the Little and Big Dipper and she said yes and charged me a bargain of 18GBP including postage. I cannot wait to see the finished product!

Another thing I treated myself to was a Bun Crown from Roses and Clementines as they had a sale on. I bought the Florence Rose Bun Crown which was my second choice as I originally ordered another bun crown but it was out of stock and the website didn't update quick enough. 

It's still pretty and I cannot wait to try it out as I have taken a liking to wearing my hair in a bun. It has taken me 24 years to feel comfortable without my fringe hiding my big forehead.

I desperately wanted to update my roller derby kit and was lucky enough to receive new 187 Killer wrist guards and elbow pads from the parents but no, I couldn't just update my pads, I also had to upgrade my wheels and bearings didn't I?! My bearings were practically dead and falling apart so I bought some Qube Juice bearings and treated myself to my dream wheels (also thanks to some Christmas money from Joey's lovely parents); the Radar Diamonds.

I was lucky enough to get to test these bad boys out thanks to Rock N Roller Derby, who I do reviews for and my review for these wheels will be up soon! Em Balmer sorted me out with these wheels and the bearings for the new year! So I get to push myself and improve even more in time for our upcoming tournaments!

One final thing that I "bought", more like upgraded, was my phone contract as it was due for renewal, I did this via Carphone Warehouse and got a bargain, I pay the same as I was and I got a new phone, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet and cashback. 

I got to pick up my new shiny things today and have been playing on the tablet non-stop! It's pretty good for what I want to do.
I have been pretty naughty and bought way too many things! I've been using the whole "It's Christmas!" excuse and I might be living on smart price noodles for the rest of the month.... Most of the shops that I bought things from, I stumbled across on Instagram... Instagram is gonna make me broke!

Anyway, enough of my purchases, I'm currently in North Wales with my loving boyfriend and I am having such a lovely belated Christmas and got spoilt rotten. We went on a date to Cheshire Oaks retail park the other day to have a browse and of course a Nando's.

I bought these rings (there were 5 in all different sizes) from the H&M sale for only 1GBP!

We also went for a few drinks for Joey's friend's birthday. It is nice getting to know his friends and just go about in his hometown as I'll be moving here during the spring and I am SO excited! 

That's everything for now, here's a photo of my lovely Christmassy nails that my sister did for me.

Beckie xoxo 

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