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Christmas spirit.
Friday, 20 December 2013 14:31 0 Comment(s)

I love Christmas, A LOT.
Especially in the UK as growing up in Brunei which is a muslim country, we weren't really allowed to openly celebrate it so no Christmas lights/parades and no Santa's Grotto! We always decorated our house as we were allowed so we had the tree with all the baubles and tinsel, my parents always made sure we had the best christmas but it doesn't top the Christmasses in England.

I LOVE the lights and parades! I am like a little girl who just gets so giddy during the Christmas period and even moreso when it snows! Snow is still a novelty to me as this will be my 9th year in the UK!

However, at the start of the season I just wasn't as excited this year. Possibly due to the fact that I got paid a lot less than normal last month so had to hold up all my shopping until payday today and it will be the first Christmas without my grandmother. It is going to be difficult especially for my mother this year but my sister and I are determined to make this the best Christmas yet when they come down to Bournemouth to celebrate Christmas. I will be working Christmas morning but I get the evening and boxing day with them before they have to venture back up North to dreary Sheffield.

I decided to snap out of my grump and psyched myself up to get excited for Christmas so I put on my most Chrimassy clothing!
Jumper from Primark. Leggings from Next. Denim Shirt from Topshop. Snowflake.clip from Crown and Glory.

I managed to battle the crowd and bought about 90% of the presents that I needed to get. They weren't first choice presents but I didn't have a choice as I missed the cut off date for Christmas delivery for everything I wanted to buy online and I didn't want to risk it not arriving on time! Definitely going to make sure I do it next year though as I have seen so many amazing things from local online businesses that would have been perfect gifts! I definitely felt more Christmassy now I've got presents and just need to start wrapping them up!

Anyway, I wish you all a Merry Christmas :) 
Beckie xoxo

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